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Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Ok, that was mean. Let’s try it the correct way.

(The key to a successful project is working backward!)

Publishing a 60,000-word novel didn't happen overnight. Melting away 50 pounds of fat isn’t likely by just walking. Creating a fantastic family Christmas dinner that everyone raves about every year didn't just cook itself.

Remarkable results don't just occur randomly. Writing a novel or living a healthy lifestyle is a long-term engagement. Finding the perfect recipe, obtaining the exact ingredients, and preparing for hours...that's a process.

Develop your process, see sustained success.

Five things to keep in mind as you brainstorm your project implementation.

1. What do you want the final result to look like six months after you’ve completed the project? Visualize it thoroughly, keeping it the focus at every meeting. Don’t stray on a whim!

2. Who needs to be involved NOW, so they know the “why” behind the result? Think “User Representative."

3. Just implementing correctly isn’t enough. What controls need to be in place after you go live, so an initial success isn’t a future failure?

4. Define the product support details and documentation as an early step. After the installation is too late.

5. Let all stakeholders know you have a built-in refinement phase. There is an agreed-upon post-install timeframes where tweaks and fixes are expected and backed by management.

Visualize the result. Work backward to achieve it.

Wait, I mean:

ti eveihca ot sdrawkcab kroW .tluser dne eht ezilausiV

(Okay, not as cool the second time.)

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