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A Deal with the Project Devil.

(Negotiating around quality)

How often do we hear:

How fast can we get this in?

I don't expect any issues.

This project should be easy.

Instead of:

How long do we need to get this project done correctly?

I know we always have issues; what are they?

Projects are always more complex than we think.

Sometimes, deadlines are so tight that the team instantly begins negotiating quality upon seeing a realistic projected timeline.

(Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!)

Testing? We don't need no stinking testing!

Here are five things to focus on to help protect the quality of your project. #5. Quality should be specific and measurable.

Critical deliverable = critical measurable. As project leaders, we shouldn't promote "Quality" to management without a meaningful way to measure it.

#4. Overly define the project's "Wants .vs needs."

As a group, agree on the difference. Document the results and communicate it frequently.

#3. Help your project sponsors understand marginalization.

Delivering something no one wants ahead of schedule may not win you another project. Feel free to use past projects' "lessons learned" as visual examples of what can happen when project QA is removed.

#2. Agree on the priority of scope-creep add-ons.

Try and sacrifice existing deliverables for new requests if the project timeline allows.

#1. Generating requirements by the inexperienced.

Would you take driving directions from someone unaware of the destination? Your team may not have the exact knowledge required to scope your project. Look for an additional or temporary knowledge base to pull from.

Need an additional or temporary knowledge base to pull from for your next project?


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