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Initial Consultation

Zero. We can call it a friendly discussion. 

Project Based - Simple

  • Project and Task Mapped

  • Defined Deliverables

  • Not-to-Exceed Limit (If Warranted) 

  • Main Point of Contact Selected

  • Estimation

  • Digital Execution

Fees, the elephant in the room. 

Maybe it was the slow trickle, budget bleeding that hit my balance sheet each month.

Maybe it was the lump sum, iceberg size, heart-attack-inducing sticker shock invoice near year-end?

Maybe it was just another expense I had to manage and keep track of my ROI. 

Vendors, consultants, cores, and value. It has always been a tricky relationship.  

Our goal at BackPocketCIO is to make sure that the client is excited to pay the invoice, whatever the engagement may be. 

Well, that may be a reach. But that's how it should be. 

Our fees will be disclosed upfront, not contingency-based; they will be project-based with a clear beginning and an end that all parties agree to.

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