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Five traits that might get you fired.

#5 - Unreliable—Constantly miss deadlines and routinely fail to deliver. The key here is the word "Constantly." Everyone has impaired deadlines. Miss them too frequently, and you may appear to be the problem. *What to work on? – Be more vocal about your lessons learned. Making mistakes is one thing; not learning from them is quite the other. Most executives want to know mistakes won’t happen the same way again. Improvement counts; let them see it.

#4 - Minutia masters. Hyper focusing on minor issues in a group setting. Time is critical. Closeted frustration occurs when an overloaded team sees a co-worker heading down a clock-eating rabbit hole during a meeting.

*What to work on? – Ask yourself the question. “Does EVERYONE in this meeting NEED to know what I am about to say?” If you’re not sure, wait. Then immediately afterward, send an e-mail to the team with a quick summary, asking if they want more information. Let them drive the need for more extended communication. #3 - Unappreciative—Failing to give credit to others. A fine line exists between throwing "compliment-candy” out like it was Halloween and expecting the world every time because your team will always “handle it.” *What to work on? – As part of the official project plan, build in significant appreciation for big wins. Make it visible, not a carrot. Achievement-based “Thank you's” for big goals create a quality culture.

#2 - Micro-managing—Constantly monitoring the work of others instead of building skills. Information hoarders eventually can’t keep up. A decade or two ago, companies valued the specialist. Today, the areas of expertise stretch too wide. One person can’t do it all. *Fix – Switch your mindset. Become a builder. Transfer knowledge and show management more can be achieved with a good team than a great individual.

#1 - Abrasive—Demeaning language. How you come across to others. Knowledge is a currency. To be of value, it must circulate.

*Fix – Knowing the answer is half the solution. Conveying it is the other. Identity 4-5 words you use (Google is your friend) that people find inflammatory and work every day to remove them from your vocabulary. When you use them, stop and correct yourself out loud. Let people know you are trying to work on how you come across.


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