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NFL YAC Monster = Star Project Manager

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Ja’Marr Chase is the hottest rookie receiver right now in the NFL. He appears to be an early YAC monster. That is not a lead role in a budget horror flick. YAC = Yards After Catch. Essentially, after the quarterback throws a pass, there is an exact point where the receiver catches it on the field. Every yard run by the receiver after that point until he is tackled is YAC. Pass for 5 yards. The receiver runs 20 yards. The whole play is 25 yards—kind of a big deal in football land.

They don’t tell you that yards after the catch are created *before* the catch.

The receiver's ability to see the whole picture around him as he heads to catch the ball allows him to maneuver more quickly and efficiently for more significant gains.


The more you’ve prepared for what might occur, the better your reaction time is when it does.

Ja’Marr Chase is a master at identifying his environment's intentions and using his elite vision; thus, he evades possible danger and produces better than his peers.

This is the same with any big project or rollout.

Spend 10% of your project planning time trying to anticipate what your project risks are and how you will evade them, and you should expect a 10% success rate when a timeline deviation tries to tackle you out of nowhere.

Purposely build into your project the time to address and discuss probable roadblocks, risks, and environmental concerns that could end up putting your project on the bench.

We can help you design plays that end up scoring a win for your FI instead of (a) turnover.

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